RVH 144 - Multi Function Solar Ventilator White

$94.16 Inc GST

Solar Ventilator



  • Fully automatic operation powered by solar energy.
  • Avoid heat build-up at an area being ventilated.
  • Prevent mold, condensation, mildew, musty odors, damp, etc.
  • Moves 11.6 cubic feet of air per minute.
  • Water resistant, with overflow preventer.
  • No noise, safe and pollution free.
  • Two years limited warranty.
  • Easy installation.
  • Front cowl material in White Plastic
  • Steel & ABS plastic.

  • Installation Procedure
    • Installed on glass:
      • SUNVENT could be installed into glass surface. However, as much as possible it should be installed facing the sun equator.
      • Installation accessories are included in this package, all you need is just a glasscutter.
    • Installed on boat deck / caravan roof:
      • For additional fixing, insert no. 6 screws through the eyelets; it is recommended to use screws made of brass or stainless where salt water is involved.
      • Use suitable mastic to seal the area between plastic ventilator and the surface of installation.
      • For installation purposes, a tubular extension can be use as shown on the right picture.
    • Installed on wall:
      • SUNVENT could be installed unto walls or other materials with a thickness greater than 40mm (1 & 9/16 inches).
      • Through the eyelets insert no. 6 screw along with suitable raw plugs. Use tubular with a diameter of 116 ~ 120mm cut required length.