RVF 4160 - Vango Varkala Connect 360

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Varkala Specifications 
• Vango AirAwning® Structure - Inflatable AirBeam® technology allows for pole free pitching and easy erection on the caravan 
    site (double action pump included)
• Connect Extension Feature - Create a flexible space with multiple extension options to add to your Varkala Connect awning 
    regardless of the size of your awning rail
• Sentinel Pro 420 Fabric - Featuring 420 denier double ripstop threads, it offers superior strength and long-lasting durability, 
   combined with PU technical coatings make Sentinel Pro exceptional in terms of waterproofness.
• Bracer beams included - Designed to fit in between the awnings main AirBeams® to enhance stability in high winds
• Foam Draught Pad included - Fit against caravan to reduce draughts and create neat fit. Foam pad mounts on to a size-
   tolerant gusset to allow for varying caravan heights and differing ground angles
• Looped Kador Strips - Loops at either end of Kador strip to aid when threading the awning through your rail. 
• PVC Draught Skirt & 2 Wheel Arch Covers included - Reduces draughts from coming in under the caravan into the awning
• Draught bridge – Created from the body fabric of the awning, this connects the foam protection pad to form a soft, non-
   damaging, draught proof seal between your caravan and Vango awning.
• AirSpeed® Valve - Simple system with easy access positioning to inflate your AirBeams® with even less effort
•  Smooth curve beams - Increase headroom and door height
•  Webbing storm straps included - Provides secure guying at the front of the awning
• PVC mud strip - Positioned around base of awning for easy cleaning
• Adjustable pegging points - Allows awning to be pitched perfectly on uneven surfaces
• SkyTrack II® - A flexible hanging system which allows you to easily attach lighting, storage or our new SkyLiners. 
   The SkyTrack system truly allows you to design your tent to suit your needs
• Zipped privacy curtains - Simple and quick to use, allow varying levels of opening.
• Diamond Clear windows - Maximise light and visibility by providing a bright and airy environment.
• Reflective webbing - Picks up torchlight so the pegging points are easily spotted in low light conditions
• Flexi Door - Adjust to be fully or half open, or completely removed
• Side doors and curved front door - Multiple access options and can be unzipped at the top for enhanced ventilation
• Flat entry - Easy access for wheelchairs, prams and people with reduced mobility
• Skylight Windows - Windows which run along the roof line of the awning to enhance light during the day and for star
    gazing at night.
• Heavyweight zips on doors - Enhances waterproofness
• Multi-privacy Zip Curtains - Simple and easy to use, creating soft lines and various options of opening
• Removable Side Doors - Adjust to be fully or half open, ideal for added ventilation or for an optional annex
• Multi-Flex Door - Door can be zipped fully closed, halfway open, or fully open
• High Level Ventilation - Helps to circulate air within the awning and reduces condensation
• Heavyweight zips on doors - Enhances waterproofness
• Zip covers - Enhances child safety and weather resistance
• Fully taped seams - All flysheet seams are factory taped which provides a watertight seal
• Optional bedroom inner - Optional extra available to purchase separately
• Steel rock pegs and mallet included - Pegs are strong, durable and can be used on more challenging terrain
• AirBeam® Pump Included - Double action pump that will rapidly inflate your AirAway® Awning which comes complete with 
   a pressure dial
• AirAwning® Caravan Awnings included with - Foam draught excluder pads, storm straps, bracer beams, PVC draught skirt, 
    wheel arch covers x2, steel rock pegs & mallet with carry bag, double action pump with carry bag and easy pack carry bag
• Wind tunnel tested - Tested within wind conditions up to 100kph
• Fire retardant fabrics - Meets European EN5912 safety standard
• Fully wind and rain tested - Weather tested to the European standard EN5912 by certified test centre